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St. Louis Park Studio


5806 C W 36th St,
St Louis Park, MN 55416

Class Schedule

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Meet the Instructors 

Ms. Sandra Obermiller

Ms. Obermiller is the head instructor of the St. Louis Park Studio. She began her training in 1983 and opened her studio in 1991.

She is an essential figure within the American Karate Studios. 


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7th Degree Black Belt
Mr. Adam Sari

Mr. Sari started karate when he was almost 4 and became an instructor when he was 13 years old in May of 2011. For him, the best part about being an instructor is passing on his knowledge to the next generation and seeing the students accomplish their goals as they grow both in the sport and their lives. He is extremely grateful that karate has given him the strength and confidence to stand up for himself and his family. He also is thankful to be a part of a studio that genuinely feels like a family.

5th Degree Black Belt
Mr. Nathan Sari
4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Sari has been with the American Karate Studio since 2004 and became an instructor ten years later in 2014. He can't ever imagine a life without karate and instructing. It has allowed him to share his knowledge and guide students to a healthier lifestyle and greater understanding of their bodies, which is his main goal as an instructor. 


Mr. Scott started karate in 2007 when he drove past the studio and decided to stop in to check it out and then joined. Two years later, in 2009, he became an instructor shortly after earning his 1st Degree Black Belt. The interactions he has with the students are the main reason he enjoys being an instructor. He also loves seeing his students progress and is delighted to be a part of their journey to Black Belt. 

Mr. Jeff Scott
4th Degree Black Belt
Ms. Carolynn Marinero

Ms. Marinero started karate in 1997 at the age of 12. She became an instructor in 2020 and is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt. Ms. Marinero is part of a 3-generation family at AKS; her father and two children are very involved in the studio community. She enjoys being an instructor because she loves seeing a new generation of students join the studio and pass on the martial art. It amazes her and makes her proud to see how the students progress each time they come into the studio.

3rd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Bryan started karate in 2009 and became an instructor ten years later, in 2019. He is incredibly grateful to AKS for helping him grow into a being a more confident, stronger and focused person. Connecting with the students and watching them grow up are his favorite parts about instructing. Overall, he is excited to continue instructing and training with the American Karate Studio.

Mr. Ben Bryan
3rd Degree Black Belt
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