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Studio Events

Our main studio events are Belt Promotions

Any other events that come up will be promoted here 

Belt Promotions

Each month (sometimes more), the studio will host a Belt Promotion. Students are not guaranteed a promotion each month.* Before a student can test for their next belt rank, they must have: 

1. Sufficient training time

This is dependent on the rank they are testing for and shows the instructors that they have come to class a sufficient amount of time and have put in the work towards their next rank. 


2.  Mastery of the required elements

Before students can test for their next belt, they must show the instructors that they know the components within their current rank. 

3. A good attitude

Students should not simply expect to receive their next rank. They must earn their next rank. In the process of doing so, they must show the instructors that they are willing to learn, cooperative, capable of listening, and working hard throughout the process.

*We teach our students that their time to test will come when they are ready and that they should not expect to be promoted each time a

Belt Promotion occurs.


Black Belt Promotions

Black Belts Promotions are less frequent than the other Belt Promotions and occur on a larger scale.


All Black Belts from the three studios gather at a hotel ballroom during these promotions.

This serves as either promotion to Black Belt for some, promotion to the next degree of Black Belt for others, or simply a check-in point for many. 

These are bi-annual and are hosted in  

April and October.

Anyone is welcome to come and watch! 

Click here for information on the next 

upcoming Black Belt Promotion

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