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Ms. Sandra Obermiller

Head Instructor of the St. Louis Park Studio

Obermiller breaking board.jpg

Her Story

Sandra Obermiller is the owner of the American Karate Studio in St. Louis Park. She is now a Seventh Degree Black Belt who began training in 1983 under the instruction of Mr. Marotta. After her first Tae Kwon Do class, she knew that it was something she would do for the rest of her life. She received her Black Belt and Instructorship in 1988. Ms. Obermiller was the head instructor at the old American Karate Studio location in Mound for three years before opening the American Karate Studio in St. Louis Park in 1991. 

Ms. Obermiller has also taught at several other locations, including at an after-school program for high-risk teens, the Jewish Community Center, the Calhoun Beach Club, and numerous Self Defense Classes throughout Minnesota. She has promoted well over 200 students to black belts, the highest of them being 6th DAN (6th-Degree Black Belt). She takes tremendous pride in her student's accomplishments inside and outside the studio. 


Additionally, Ms. Obermiller has a rich history of competition in karate tournaments spanning the United States. She has won or placed in tournaments in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Washington D.C. 

Old SLP.jpg

Ms. Obermiller outside her studio

Obermiller breaking board.jpg

Ms. Obermiller breaking boards

Ms. Obermiller (3rd from right) at a tournament 

obermiller blackbelts.jpg

Ms. Obermiller with some of her black belt students

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