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A fun, unique, experience-based gift

Our three-lesson introduction program is the perfect gift for anyone to try karate.

Wonderful for kids, adults, friends, or the whole family!

"My two oldest kids received this as a gift back in 2018 and are still in now.

They absolutely love it, and it's changed all our lives for the better!"  - N.G.


Our karate classes are fun and entertaining! It is a great indoor activity for winter to burn off some energy and stay protected from the elements. We pride ourselves on our welcoming community full of karate enthusiasts. At our studios, you will learn karate and self-defense while making connections and learning from friendly instructors. 

"The people I have met training here at the American Karate Studio have since become my lifelong friends, and I have looked forward to coming and seeing them during class each time." - N.S.


Along with having fun, our karate classes have numerous benefits such as improving focus and patience. Learning discipline, respect, perseverance, resilience and responsibility. Gaining confidence and improving self-esteem. And it's great exercise, perfect for cardio, building strength and flexibility. 

“We are understandably proud of our children’s accomplishments, which would not have been possible without AKS. We can attribute a great deal of their success to all they learned from karate: poise under pressure, perseverance, goal-setting (both short and long-term), confidence, respect for others, respect for teachers, what it means to be a mentor, leadership skills and numerous athletic attributes.” - D.D.

FAmily time 

Karate is a wonderful sport to get involved with as a family! We have had many upon many families come up through the ranks and earn their black belts together at our studios. It is wonderful to see families bonding and spending time together through a shared activity. Plus, we have excellent family lesson discounts! 

“This last year has been very stressful and I cannot begin to express how much it has meant to have a place to go with my kids where we can enjoy something together. We have learned so much from the instructors at this studio and it has made an amazing difference in all our lives.” - C.M.

A great deal 

Our introduction program includes three lessons and a uniform for $20! After the intro program, we have several lesson plans to choose from and as mentioned earlier significant family discounts. Our classes are unlimited and you can come in whenever we are open.

“The money we spent on karate was the best investment of any activity my boys were involved in. The instructors were a very positive influence on him and I will be forever thankful we found AKS!” - J.N.


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We will follow up with more information on how to get a gift certificate.

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